N,N'‐Diphenylguanidine (DPG)
granulated or powder

Chemical Name:  N,N'-Diphenylguanidine
Synonyms:  1,3-Difenylguanid, 1,3-Diphenylguanidine, Diphenylguanidine, DFG, DPG, DPG accelerator, 1,3-Difenylguanid, Guanidine, Melaniline, sym-Diphenylguanidine
CAS No.:  102-06-7
EINECS No.:  203-002-1
H.S. Code:  2925.29.0000
EC INDEX No.:  612-149-00-4
Main applications: 

Main applications:

  • Secondary vulcanization accelerator, it activates thiazoles (MBT, MBTS), thiurams (TMTM, TMTD) or sulfenamide (CBTS) in NR (0.1-0.5phr), SBR (0.15 - 0.75phr) and NBR (0.1-0,5phr) applications. With bitter taste, not suitable for products connected with foodstuffs. Due to discoloration it is generally used for dark or black color products (silica containing tyres, mechanical goods, hard rubber products, footwear, adhesives, condoms and diaphragms, rubber gloves, medical devices, renal dialysis equipment, rubber in elasticized undergarments and clothing, rubber pillows, sponges, toys). Provides good scorch and storage stability;
  • Acts as plasticizer on chloroprene rubber in conjunction with sulfur and TMTM.

Secondary applications: Primary material for standardizing acids

Quality Data:

ParametersGaranteed valueTest method
AppearanceCylindrical granulesVisual
Assay, % min97Titration
Melting temperature, initial °С, min:145,0Capillary method
Melting temperature, final °С, max:148,0±2,0Capillary method
Dedusting agent (paraffinic oil) content, %, max:0,7-2,0Extracting
Ash content, %, max:0,3At 750 °С
Mass fraction of volatiles, %, max:0,32 hours @ 70 °С

A complement of specification for the Powder, oil coated form :

AppearancePowder from white to light yellow or slightly lilac colorVisual
Sieve residue, %, аt sieve
№ 014K (014Н) / 0,14mm, %, max:0,005
№ 0063 / 0,063mm, %, max: 0,2sieve analysis

Guaranteed storage life: 12 months from the date of manufacturing in its original packing.

Packing: 20 kg net multi-wall laminated paper bags with PE lining stacked on pallets (640 kg net/pallet) and wrapped in a shrink film, 500 kg net IBC.

Transportation information:


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