Nylon filaments and yarns summary and general overview

Production of wide range of nylon yarns intended for production of cord fabrics; industrial fabrics for conveyor belts; mechanical rubber goods; packing cloth; fishing tackle including nets, ropes, cables etc.; consumer goods including household, leisure and sport articles.
Industrial yarns are produced undyed and spun-dyed; heat-stabilized (for heat resistivity at exposure to high temperatures); light & heat-stabilized (to keep physic-mechanical features at exposure to UV radiation); light-stabilized with low yellowness index to enhance aesthetic features of the goods produced. Nylon yarns are produced at high technological equipment of "Zimmer" and "Barmag", Germany, "TMT", Japan.
Linear density range is within dtex 935 – 2100. Nylon yarn is exported to CIS, East, Central and West European countries, USA. Both manufacturers of fishing tackle and manufacturers of industrial and tyre cord fabrics have approved its quality.


Nylon light&heat-stabilized yarn (light-resistance 80 – 85% after 30 days exposure), tenacity min. 82 mN/dtex is used for production of fishing tackle.
Nominal linear density, dtex 935 / F140 1440 / F 280 1870 / F 280
Nylon light&heat-stabilized yarn (min. tenacity 85 mN/dtex) is used for production of cord and industrial fabrics.
Each bobbin is wrapped up with PE foil. Bobbins are placed onto pallets with forming a block-pack. Block-packs are stretch-foiled. Standard block-packs are formed on pallets:
- 1200x800 mm (6-layers block-pack)
- 1200x1000 mm (5-layers block-pack)

Nylon spun-dyed industrial yarns

are manufactured in a wide range of colours. Their tenacity is min. 80 mN/dtex and colour stability of 5-8 points. The colours are developed in collaboration with the manufacturers of super masterbatches (BASF, Clariant, etc.) and as per a sample provided by a customer. The yarns are used for production of fishing tackle, cables, sport and leisure goods.
Nominal linear density, dtex 935 / F140 1440 / F 280 1870 / F 280

Nylon twisted yarns

are produced at cabling and twisting machines of Allma Saurer, Germany and is characterized by high level of evenness of physical and mechanical properties. The yarn is used for production of industrial fabrics, driving belts and other industrial goods.
Twisted yarns assortment:
dtex 935x1, 1440x1, 1870x1 dtex 935x2, 1440x2, 1870x2 dtex 935x3, 1440x3, 1870x3


It is used for production of cord fabric
Nominal linear density, dtex 1100 1480 1670 2200 Number of filaments 250 330 250 330 250 330 375 495


It is used for production of industrial fabrics, fishing & tackle articles
Twisted yarns assortment dtex 1440x1, 1670x1, 2200x1 dtex 1440x2, 1670x2, 2200x2 dtex 1440x3, 1670x3, 2200x3

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