Reinforcement materials supply

Last update: Fri Apr 16 19:29:03 CEST 2010

Reinforcement materials summary
Textile fabrics
PA66 cord fabrics specifications cross-table Tvr
specifications cross-table Crg
Polyester cord fabric specifications cross-table Tvr
Nylon 6 cord fabric specifications cross-table Vlz
1870 dtex, 1440 dtex (1680, 1290 denier) Kba
1870 dtex (1680 denier) Krs
1870, 1440, 935 dtex (1680, 1290, 840 denier) Grd
Big size truck and bus cord fabrics:
(2000-2300 dtex == 1800, 1890, 2070 denier)¹
Big size truck and bus tire (improved tenacity) Vlz
Big size truck and bus tire Grd,Crg
Steel cords and bead wire
Steel cords general table Orl

¹ cord fabric structure and other specifications could be adjusted according to the customer's requirements

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