Para-tertiary butyl phenol (PTBP)

Para-tertiary butyl phenol (PTBP) is a chemical intermediate produced out of phenol and high purity isobutylene, which is used in the manufacture of resins, adhesives and aroma chemicals (PTBCHA).

CAS N 98-54-4
Molecular formula C10H14O
Molecular weight 150.2


Technical specification :

TR 2425-003-48147971-00 (with changes 1 —9)
specification Grade A Grade B
Appearance Flakes, granules, crystals of white color with a pink or cream shade
Crystallisation temperature, deg. C, min. 98 97
Color of solution in ethyl alcohol, according to platinum-cobalt scale, Hazen units, max. 15 50
Main substance content, % wt, min. 99.5 97.0
o-PTB fraction content, % wt, max. 0.2 not specified
2,4-diTBP fraction content, % wt, max. 0.1 not specified
water content, % wt, max. 0.1 0.3

Typical Gas-Liquid Chromatography (GLC) report

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