ТU 2432-011-00203803-2014

Technical Data Sheet

Trade name: FORMINAT ®

Sodium formate technical is sodium formate with trace impurity of pentaerythritol and its derivatives.


Application: it is used in pulp and paper industry and textile industry – for color improvement when painting fabric and paper, in chemical industry – in production of sodium hydrogen sulfite, formic acid and ethane diacid, in oil extraction – for drilling fluids preparation, in leather industry – as ingredient for tanning, in construction – for antifreeze admixtures preparation for concrete and solutions; is used as alternative component (less corrosive) when preparing deicers.

Production: sodium formate technical is a by-product of pentaerythritol production

Physical and chemical features

 Norm for grade
 1.  Appearance Crystal powder of white colourCrystal caking powder of white or grey color.
Green tint is allowed
 2.  Mass fraction of sodium formate, %, no less959290
 3.  Mass fraction of water, %,  no more13 6
PP bags with a plastic liner net weight 25kg;
Multiwall paper laminated bags net weight 25kg;

Transportation and storage
Sodium formate technical is transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules of goods carriage, valid for this mode of transport.
Sodium formate technical is transported in closed transport facilities.
Sodium formate technical is stored in covered accomodation with relative humidity no more than 60%, on pallets at the height of no less than 5 cm from the floor and at a distance of no less than 1 m from the heating units.

Manufacturer’s guarantee
Guaranteed shelf life of sodium formate technical is 1 year as from the date of manufacturing.

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