alpha-methylstyrene (AMS)

α-Methylstyrene (AMS) is a chemical intermediate used in the manufacture of plasticizers, resins and polymers. It is a co-product formed in a variation of the cumene process.

Technical specification : TDS

Reloading possibilities from the Russian r/w tanks (rtc) after pre-heating (AMS melting point is -22 ℃) are as follows :


drums (bottom)


pallets (wood trays)


drums (IMO labels)


drums (stack piled into container)


drums (certificate of comformity)


1000 litres IBC

AMS provides higher thermal performance and impact strength to resins – either directly or as an additive. It is used in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), coatings, adhesives, acrylic resins, waxes, and various other applications.

ABS end use applications include injection molds for automotive parts, musical instruments, and sports equipment.

AMS is used in coatings and adhesives as a plasticizer for paints and coatings.

AMS modifies reaction rates and improves clarity in acrylic resins. In addition, it is used as a chain terminator in polycarbonate resins. It is a UV stabilizer and antioxidant intermediate.

Other applications include perfumery chemicals, drying oils, lubricating oils, alkyd resins, and modified phenolic resins.

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