Silica Filler Rosil 175

TS 2168-038-00204872-2001

Silica Filler "Rosil 175" is a fine precipitated silicon dioxide.

Chemical & physical properties

  For tire production For fabrication of rubber technical goods and imitation leather; in paint-and-varnish and oil industries
Mass fraction of silicon dioxide, %, min 90 90
Mass fraction of moisture, %, max 6,5 5,5
Mass fraction of losses on calcination , %, max 7,0 7,0
pH Aqueous slurry 5,5 – 7,5 5,5 – 7,5
Mass fraction of watersoluble salts , %, max 2,0 2,0
Specific suppression of phenol adsorption , m2/g 140 – 170 140 – 190
Mass fraction of iron in terms of iron oxide, %, max 0,10 0,10
Mass fraction of alkalinity in terms of sodium oxide, %, max 0,10 0,10
Bulk density, g/dm3, min 180 160
Mass fraction of residue on 014 K sieve acc. to GOST 6613, %, max 0,02 0,02

Applications: «Rosil-175»

Silica Filler "Rosil 175" is used in tire production, rubber technical goods, imitation leather, paint-and-varnish and oil industries and for other purposes.

Packing, transportation, storage:

Silica Filler is packed into four-ply paper or polypropylene bags as well as into special disposable soft containers.

Silica Filler is transported by all modes of transportation according to the Shipping Rules valid for the corresponding kind of transport.

Silica Filler must be kept at the closed storage facilities.

Guaranteed shelf life of Silica Filler is 6 months since the date of manufacture.

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