(PC resins)

Polycarbonates are thermoplastic linear polymers (molecular weight ranging 35,000–70,000) that are characterized by very high impact strength (250–500 kilojoules per sq m, or kilograms-force per cm per sq cm [kgf.cm/cm2]), yield strength (strength in flexure, 77–120 meganewtons per sq m [MN/m2], or 770–1,200 kgf/cm2), and very good dielectric properties (dissipation factor, 0.0009 at 50 hertz). Polycarbonates are optically transparent, cold-resistant (stable at temperatures slightly below – 100°C), and self-extinguishing; they dissolve in most organic solvents such as methylene chloride and chloroform, and are resistant to acids, salt solutions, and oxidizing agents.

CAS N 80-05-7
Molecular formula C15H16O2
Molecular weight 35,000–70,000

Chemical and Physical Properties of PC

Manufacturing Process

It is produced under polycondensation in Diphenylcarbonate and Bisphenol-A melt, using a non-phosgene COCl2 Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation technology method.

Technical specification :

TU 2226-173-00203335-2007, rev. 1-5

Description of additional letter symbols to base grades as follows:
U – ultraviolet stabilizer;
R – improved antistick properties;
L – increased content of blue colorant.
Norms and requirements for PC quality parameters with additives are the same as for additives-free PC.

Application: for production by injection molding;

Packaging: the Polycarbonates are packaged in bags as per GOST 17811 or in similar polymer bags as per technical documentation approved under the appropriate procedure and related to import as well. The bags neck should be sealed in. Polycarbonates are also packaged in sealed soft special containers for bulk solids as per technical documentation approved under the appropriate procedure and related to import as well. Packages should be tightly sewed. Polycarbonate weight in bag should be (25±0.25) kg, in big-bag (750±3.75) kg, (850±4.25) kg, (1000±5.0) kg.
Handling and storage: transportation by any modes of roofed transport in accordance with transport regulations valid for the related mode of transport. To be stored indoors excluding direct sun and at least 1 m away from heating devices at temperature not exceeding 35 °С.

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