Petroleum Hydrocarbon resin
(C9 pyrolisis fraction)

SHORT DESCRIPTION Petroleum Hydrocarbon resin is is a low molecular weight thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin produced from aromatic petroleum-derived monomers. This product is made out of the ethylene's by-product through thermal polymerization. It's a kind of flake or granular solid with color from light yellow, amber to dark brown. It has the properties of good solubility, intersolubility, water resistance, insulation and very good chemical stability over acid and alkali. It also has a good adhesive strength and low heat conduction.
Petroleum Hydrocarbon resin (C9 pyrolisis fraction)
HS code
ADR class 4, packaging group III
USES C9 Hydrocarbon resin is used:
  • Adhesives;
  • Resinous and polymeric coatings;
  • Closures with sealing gaskets for food containers;
  • Rubber articles intended for repeated use.

It is characterized by low molecular weight distribution parameters and by high level compatibility, by excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and moisture. With good balance of flex, tear, tack and adhesion properties in polymer base, this resin is widely used in industrial paints, adhesives and rubber compounds, including SBS and EVA to improve the tack and the adhesion between rubber partials and cord.


Test method

TY 2451-008-


TY 2451-021-

Appearance (visual color) light yellow to light maron light to dark brown GOST 11506-73
Softening Point(°C), deg. C, min 85 – 95 85-110 11506-73 pr. 4.2
Color as per iodometric scale in a 50% white spirit solution, mg l2⁄100 cm3, max 250 1100  
Acid value, mg, KOH/gr, max 1 1 11506-73 pr. 4.3
Iodine value, gr of I2/ 100gr max 45-64 45-80 2070-82 pr. 4.4
Mass fraction moisture, % max 0.3 0.3 2477-65
Mass fraction of non-volatile residue, %, max 0.3 0.3 6370-83 pr. 3.1
Bright carbon content, % min   50  
Benzo[a]pyrene content, mg/kg   10  

Shelf life:
Stored in its original packaging and kept under proper conditions the storage stability of the products is 24 months.

The certificate of analysis (COA) per shipped lot number are issued in compliance with Russian standard ТУ 2451-021-49740748-2013.

Packaging C9 Hydrocarbon resin is shipped in 25 kg small sacks, 24 Mt net weight / 40" FCLs;  

specification revision date: Mon Mar 23 15:59:36 CET 2015

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