Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene CSM3550

Product introduction 

The Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber have a completely saturated backbone and pendant groups that are suitable for varied approaches to vulcanization.As a result of this configuration ,vulcanizates of CSM are extremely resistant to attack by ozone,oxygen,and weather.In addition ,properly prepared vulcanizates of CSM are outstanding in resistance to deterioration by heat,oils,and many chemicals and fluids.
 CSM Property:
CSM is used in the rubber industry because of its wide range of unique properties,including:
l     Superb ozone and weather resistance,even in non-black products
l     Heat resistance to 145 degrees centigrade.
l     Resistance to a wide range of agressive chemicals.
l     Low flammability characteristics (associated with chlorinated polymers).
l     Excellent resistance to abrasion and mechanical abuse.
Table: The property of CSM3550  








 White ,creamy white 



 ISO 7725




 ISO 6528-1


 Mooney Viscosity


 ISO 289-1




 ISO 247




ISO 248






Tensile Strength


 ISO 37




 ISO 37


Remark a)      Data refers to the following formation (Phr)
CSM    100;  High activity MgO  10; Carbon Black N330   20;Carbon Black N774   20;Trioctyl Trimellitate 16;Pentaerythritol   3;Accelerator DPTT  2;           Cure: 10 minites at 160 Degree.